Film Review – Sharknado (2013): Why you should see this movie!

A friend emailed a link to the trailer. We’ve decided it’s a bad night in we’re all looking forward to.

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)


Title – Sharknado (2013)

Director – Anthony C. Ferrante (Headless Horseman)

Cast – Ian Ziering, Jaason Simmons, Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo

Plot – Sharks literally find their way into a tornado, a tornado that terrorises the citizens of Los Angeles. Sharknado focus’s the spic fight for survival on our rag tag bunch of hero’s including bar owner and ex surfer Fin (Ziering), his employee and possible love interest Nova (Scerbo), Fin’s best buddy from Australia Baz (Simmons) and Fin’s Botox injected ex-wife April (Reid).

“We’re gonna need a bigger chopper”

Review by Eddie on 18/07/2013

Sharknado – if this title makes you vomit in your own mouth you should stay away from this made for TV movie like it’s the return of the black plague, if however that title offers up a sense of giddiness and a can you be serious thinking you need to watch Sharknado like right now!…

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