November 21 2014

I’m pleased to announce that I will be part of an author night at Hares & Hyenas book store during the Melbourne Midsumma Festival. Come and say hello on the night of January 20 2015 and enjoy a night of readings and general bookish stuff.

November 15 2014

Thanks to Eden’s Exchange for having me over for a chat. Also thanks to Soul Dancer for two Blog Talk Radio chats. I introduced myself to Soul Dancer, host of the program, Gay Souls, on the first broadcast. On the second I was joined by two fans of my writing. How’s that for an ego boost?

Click here for the first broadcast, and here for the second.

June 13 2014

It’s now official. Both ‘Drama Queens with Love Scenes’ and its sequel, ‘Drama Queens with Adult Themes’ will be released through Wilde City Press. The contract for the first novel has just been signed.

At this stage I’d like to thank Charles River Press for first releasing the original novel. And big thanks also go out to my late editor, Mary Belk, and the talented graphic artist, Laurie McAdams.

You all made my book come alive. Now it’s time to leave the nest.

January 27 2014

The t’s have been crossed and the i’s all dotted on a new contract signed yesterday with Wilde City Press for the Drama Queens sequel.

Yes, it’s a long awaited sequel, but it will still be a little while as polishing it up with my assigned editor will take some time.

Check out Wilde City Press with an art deco website I go weak at the knees for –

December 22 2013

It’s now official. Drama Queens go New Orleans! I’m leaving on a jet plane in May to be one of the speakers at the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival.

This festival takes GLBT authors from all stages of their career, so with such a great opportunity I’ll be making sure I take advantage of the Master Classes offered by Edmund White and Felice Picano.

A big thank you to the organisers, and if you’re in town, come and say hello.

November 22 2013

A big thanks to writer and mum, Nechama, who took the time to chat to me about my philosophies and my writing. Check out the interview on Readwaves in two parts. Click here for part one, and here for part two.

Also, check out her blog at

November 22 2013

A big thanks to writer and mum, Nechama, who took the time to chat to me about my philosophies and my writing. Check out the interview on Readwaves in two parts. Click here for part one, and here for part two.

Also, check out her blog at

November 11 2013

My likeness has been added to a comic strip (kinda cheeky but nice) by talented cartoonist ‘Chaz’ who delights in drawing his Twitter followers. He has his own books out, so make sure you check out his work here.

To view the comic in all its glory, just click on the image.

Sunday Comics (as posted on Twitter)
Sunday Comics (as posted on Twitter)

October 2 2013

Congratulations to Robert Smith in London for scoring a signed copy of ‘Drama Queens with Love Scenes’ through The Gay UK magazine. I’ll post it soon.

September 14 2013


Drama Queens with Love Scenes joined other wonderful romantic novels in the Romance Reviews blog hop. Click the image above for details or check out the interview here.

July 10 2013

Congratulations to Dianna Kay for scoring a free copy of my novel via Reviews at Jesse Wave.

May 25 2013

Thanks to Brian at The Aussie Word for adding Drama Queens with Love Scenes to his blog.

May 13 2013

Thanks to author Kirsty Vizard for having me over at her blog, All In One Place for a chat.

May 13 2013

I’ve just found out that the editor for my novel, passed away. Although I never met her personally, the work and enthusiasm she showed through emails back and forth was always a delight, and her mentor-ship was second to none.

We both learnt (learned) the differences in US and Australian spelling and grammar, and continually clarified both versions of English to each other.

I have a folder on my computer full of advice, changes, and suggestions, which I have shared with other upcoming authors.

Although I only had an email relationship with you, Mary Belk, I felt I knew you as  you helped make my writing what it is today.

May 12 2013

Thanks to Michael for having me over for a chat on his blog, It’s Raining Men.

May 8 2013

Congratulations to Andra Lynn for winning a $30 Amazon Gift Voucher from my recent Goddess Fish Virtual Book Tour. Click here to check out her blog.

1April 10 2013

Thanks to Canadian publication OutWords for adding my novel to their ‘On our shelves’ list in their April edition.

March 28 2013

My Goodreads author chat as part of the Queereaders group happened today. Check it out and feel free to leave a comment. The forum is still open and I’ll check up on it over the next couple of days.

March 20 2013

Congratulations to Laura Janssens in Belgium for scoring a copy of my novel during my recent CBL book tour. Thanks for entering.

March 16 2013

A cheerio to Jennifer Garcia for letting me spend some time at her blog, Italian Brat’s Obsessions. It was nice to be a guest.

March 14 2013

Thanks to all the people who entered to win a copy of my novel during the one day CBL tour, plus thanks to CBL and all the websites who hosted it. Looking forward to finding out the winner.

March 3 2013

Thanks to blogger Ira for giving me some space on her site Love Hate Poetry for a little chat. I enjoyed her ‘safe haven’.

February 26 2013

There’s a free give away of my novel this week (Feb 25 to Feb 28) at Babes In Boyland. Thanks to MJ and Piper for hosting it and best of luck to those who enter.

February 1 2013

Thanks Wenona for a little of the spotlight over at your blog. Read her probing questions here.

January 30 2013

Thanks to Cloey for letting me write a few words at her cyber address. Check out her book reviews and guest blogs at My contribution is here.

January 25 2013

Popped into the UK for an interview with Jeanz. Read it here.

January 23 2013

Thanks again to Roxanne Rhoads for a further 15 minutes of fame – I guess that makes it a full half hour. Another guest blog at Fangtastic Books.

January 20 2013

Thanks to Vivi Dumas for allowing me to pop in for a chat at her blog. Click here to read her probing questions.

January 18 2013

Pants Off Reviews are giving a copy of DQwLS. To win, just leave a comment at

January 16 2013

My book tour has officially begun, and will be continuing for the next two weeks.

My first stop is an interview for Bewitching Tours magazine. You can read it at – Thanks to Roxanne Rhoads for the 15 minutes of fame.

For other information on where I’ll be popping up, visit

January 15 2013

Thanks to Alex Beecroft for allowing me to waft on about the writing of my novel in a guest blog at GLBT Fantasy Fans and Writers. It was nice to be invited. Also thanks to those who’ve commented.

January 7 2013

Congratulations to Mutia Fitra Fatimah from my nearest neighbouring country, Indonesia (I was once in Jakarta airport), and to Claudia Pinillos from the US for being the lucky two out of 1398 people who put their name down for a copy of my début novel on the Goodreads giveaway.

I promise to visit the post office in the next couple of days.

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