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Between Christmas and New Year

Fellow LGBT themed author, Nic Starr, did a series of guest interviews with other Australian writers on celebrating Christmas down under. In these interviews she asked us what public holiday we liked best. I answered that time between Christmas and New Year.

What’s wrong with the Right

It’s fair to say that many of us who have lived a fair number of decades, remember when the horrors of fascism and the Second World War were part of our education, and our popular culture. With these reminders, we practised the concept of the ‘fair go’, showing respect and compassion to those less fortunate.

But when governments work on establishing a divided society, they know they have a better chance at re-election.

Guest Blog – ‘Nathan Burgoine

A friend of mine was lamenting a trip to visit family the other day. Specifically, a sibling ranting—yet again—some racist crap that my friend was just too tired to counter. I commiserated, having recently visited family for a week and having had, among many other conversations, a few awkward moments over assumptions about refugees, the homeless, the use of the horrid word ‘retard’ and more I’m sure I’m now forgetting (or repressing).

The Secret Life of Cutlery

Let’s get surreal for a minute. Cutlery. We all know it. We all use it. But did you know your cutlery casts a spell? No? Think about the people you’ve had over for a meal.

The 78ers Apology

In 1986 I came to Sydney. A month or so later I was in a taxi one night on my way to god knows where, and during this trip my driver passed a street that looked like paradise. It was filled with young gay men my age. Oxford Street was alive with guys going from bar to bar to club.

I met a guy

I had this unnerving urge to stay private. Private about my homosexuality. You see, most mornings I go swimming at a local pool, and over the last few weeks, a guy who has often seen me in the change room after my refreshing dip, struck up a conversation with me.

Guest Blog – Christian Bains

Christian asks the question – “Is happily ever after really necessary?”

Love on the Menu

Over twenty-five years ago, a charming man cooked me dinner. He had this unique recipe for lasagne which included eggs, ham and a home-made vegetarian sauce. He also baked a vegetarian cake with grated zucchini, carrot and cheese. These were his specialities and all I could offer in return was nachos.

Crashing into Christmas

Picture this. It’s a couple of weeks until Christmas and you have a shopping list with the perfect gift idea for each member of your family and every friend you have. You know you will be buying over twenty presents, but you’re not concerned about the cost.

The Lost Art of Reminiscing

So many photos are forgotten these days. They get shared on a timeline, deleted from a phone, and disappear from memory once time passes. And very few of us ever take a sentimental trip by scrolling back on social media to see our past.

Raising a glass to long term couples.

…but then she asked a question. Why was Marriage Equality still illegal in a progressive country like Australia?

Are we talking more but saying less?

About a year ago, an author friend posted up the potential cover for her upcoming novel and asked for feedback.

Has social media changed our perceptions?

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. Gone are the days when someone felt comfortable hearing from a friend or relative on the phone, resulting in more than just catching up on gossip.

I love you

About seven years ago my partner commented on the way my family ended our phone conversations . Of course we say ‘bye’ or ‘see you soon’, but we also say ‘I love you’ before hitting the ‘end call’ button.

Out of my league

Seriously? Out of my league. When did this become a thing? I know this was a very funny movie about a decade ago, but to now include this phrase in our local vernacular is so un-Australian.

Younger Men

My partner and I were talking the other day about how some people our vintage notice younger men. Of course it seems creepy when someone fifty is salivating over a twenty or thirty something (I know some will disagree), but it got me thinking about the context in which we notice them.

The ‘Love At First Sight’ Myth

Let me start by saying I actually believe in ‘love at first sight’. I just think its named wrong.

5 Tips for Staying in Love

Take time to fall in love, don’t go shopping for it. For it will tap you on the shoulder, pointing you toward someone you least expect at a time you’re not searching. And once you fall, take note of the advice below.

Dreaming up a Gay Angel

One evening a friend asked me about my writing. I talked about my surprise at how my gay angel character, Guy, seemed to win many readers’ hearts. And as the night flowed with much conversation and wine, I had an epiphany.

Friendship or a Threesome?

I was twenty-two when I left my family and moved to Sydney, looking forward to the new adventures a major city could bring. And one day I met this guy.

Reflecting on New Year’s Eve

For well over a year now a friend of mine has joked that karma keeps kissing me on the arse. While she handles money and work worries, and has cared for the dying only to find this year that she herself has cancer, I cruise along with a blessed life.

Thanks to the Straight Man

This is my newest love letter. A love letter to the modern straight man.

Have You Left the Playground Yet?

So what does it mean? We all have been in a playground early in our lives. We reasoned with life the best way we could, hitting out at those who hurt us, or curling into our shells. And we were either popular, or avoided.

Love Letter to a Friend

You share your wisdom with me, and like a fool, I know what you’re saying is true, but old patterns take time to change.

Being Put On the Spot

In Australia we’re a multi-cultural couple. I’m a white fella, and he’s a black fella. And it was his suggestion I write this post.

The Couples Curse: The Remote Control

I have a saying about my long term relationship: Warren taught me to cook and I taught him the importance of having a proper Hi-Fi system in the house. But over the years, the few remote controls that sat in the lounge has grown into many more that reside in a small box under the coffee table.

When Real Life Takes Over

As writers we’re told to keep using social media to promote ourselves. It’s important to be seen regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads at the very least. But what happens when you need time out to deal with real life?

Watching Love Bloom

I often say falling in love is like being gay. Everyone else around you notices before you do.

The Wedding Speech

The magical thing about falling in love – is that you’re in total denial as its happening. You cruise along enjoying single life, and then someone shows up unexpectedly.

A Change of Pace

A blog post about taking time out.

Tony Abbott – The New Scrooge

How dare a Prime Minister use tax payers’ money to make me a Second Class Citizen!

What makes you smile more – Christmas or New Year?

Are you a Christmas kid or do you look forward to your New Year’s eve party?

Is Social Media a 24/7 Commitment?

Are you addicted?

No Marriage Equality, But We’re Still Together

There’s a misdirected leader at the moment here in Australia.

That Voice In The Other Room

Haunted childhood memories.

Opening the Door to the Intruder

The day I let an unwelcome guest hack my computer.

The Bully Boss

The true story of a boss I once had.

Are You A Phubber?

Do you ‘Phone Snub’?

Sleeping In Sunday Morning

A blog about ignoring Social Media

Manager Or Boss?

Are you guided by someone with vision or self-interest?

We Went On A Date Last Night

Dinner and Cassandra Wilson.

The Misguided Pope

A post about a previous Pope and his aversion to Marriage Equality.

Dreaming Together In Love

How we keep our romance alive!

Grieving and Catering

What happens when you try to grieve, but someone demands you provide catering?

Pondering the Afterlife

Religions have been built around it. Ancient Egyptians would spend their whole life preparing for it. Chinese culture even buries you with cardboard replicas of items you might need while you’re there.

That Strange Deaf Day

Today is odd. I’m feeling a weird sense of melancholy and self awareness. I woke up this morning with a hell of a lot of hearing loss.

A Good Night Out

Dinner and music. What more is there?


Writing Tips from Guest Bloggers

It all starts here with my first guest Max Vos. From here you’ll hear from authors J.P. Bowie, L.A. Fields, Elaine White, Trent J. Germain, Matthew Bright and the collective known as the Carter Seagrove Project.

More Writing Tips from Guest Bloggers

Our 2017 list of guest bloggers starts with my own tips, followed by Erin Quinn, Michael Jensen (on historical fiction), Nigel Bartlett, Nic Starr (who talks about technology), Nathan ‘Burgoine, and Christian Baines (who takes an original approach to the subject).

Farewell Wilde City

Back in 2014 I wanted to know more about fellow Australian author, Christian Baines, so I googled. I discovered he had a short ebook titled The Prince and the Practitioner. What struck me first was its cover. I’m a visual person and the quality of the artwork sparked my interest. Who was the publisher?

Slipping Between Genres

“You’re mixing genres.” – This wasn’t said to me as a negative. It was an observation from an editor when I had the initial draft of my first novel assessed. At the time, I didn’t realise this was such a big deal. Cinema had made an art of combining genres for a long time. Surely, literature was equally as experimental.

Redefining Gay Storytelling

The internet has given us an explosion of artists, including those from the GBLTI community, telling the stories they want to tell, as it’s so much easier for their audience to find them than it was, say, five years ago. And this is what’s fascinating as you see the evolution of queer storytelling…

Editor, take a bow

Back in 2011 I worked with my first editor. I was assigned erotic writer and editor, Mary Belk, because the original publisher made an assumption that, as the book was gay themed, it must be sexual. It’s the way this non-gay publisher thought. That misconception was cleared up quickly.

A Scriverner Newbie

For my birthday I treated myself to Scriverner after an author friend raved about it. For those who don’t know it, it’s software for writers. I’m still a newbie, but I can already see that Scriverner and I are going to be great friends.


The Joys of Collaboration (Guest Post)

Meet The Carter Seagrove Project, four authors who have come together to collaborate and find a larger audience. I met them through Twitter and at first was taken aback by how many followers they had. Then I looked at their webpage and found that they also dip their collective toe in film projects.

Reviews equals publicity.

Part of the reason reviews are important to the many of us writing in the digital age, is that we use them for publicity. When a book is released by a large publisher, you’ll often notice quotes on the back cover from other authors who’ve read advance copies. It helps to have those words of praise in front of the reader from the very beginning.

Guest Post – Michael Vance Gurley

Self-worth comes from the doing, not the receiving of praise from the doing.

Plotter or Pantser?

For those still uninitiated, a plotter plots their books before they type a single letter, and a pantser flies by the seat of their pants by simply writing and seeing where the story goes.

Guest Blog – Andre Begin

My venture into blogging stemmed from an insatiable appetite to create and to put words to paper. At that time, my career was not putting me in the path of many writing opportunities, and I was fine with that, even though deep down, I needed to write as much as I needed to eat, sleep and breathe.

Someone out there, give me a review.

I was that desperate addict. I searched into the far reaches of the web for any slither of a sign that someone read my book. And I prayed that ‘someone’ felt the tears and joys of my characters. And that after they felt the tears and joys of my characters they had to tell the world.

What is Gay Lit?

This is the introductory blog to a very special Q&A blog series looking at gay themed literature. To help me are several guests who have their own unique insights. You will find their contributions by clicking at the bottom of the page.

In order, my special guests are writer, Vance Bastian, Senior Editor at Bold Stroke Books, Sandy Lowe, Prism Book Alliance reviewer, Ulysses Dietz, writer and founder of Lethe Press, Steve Berman, well loved reviewer, Amos Lassen, and writer and editor, Jerry L. Wheeler.

Guest Post – Lichen Craig

I recently ran into an article online that really got me thinking.  It concerns descriptive passages, or lack thereof, in modern writing.  It occurs to me that modern writing likes to cut out a lot – description and other things.

Literary Speed Dating

Okay, I’m cheating. I have a non-gay novel which is up to fourth draft and is not suitable for my current publisher. It doesn’t mean I haven’t started another story that would be suitable, it’s just that I have a manuscript without a gay main character.

Queermance 2015

Queermance proved that in its second year, it’s a Literary Festival that will go from strength to strength.

5 Tips for writing a novel

Although I’m not a newbie in the world of novels, I’m far from being a best selling author with a plethora of titles under my belt. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned from my own experience.

Royalties – Are you getting paid?

So, I had this conversation with various authors signed to the same publisher. Although they all had books out for several years, none of them ever saw a royalty cheque, let alone a statement.

Dreaming up a Gay Angel

One evening a friend asked me about my writing. I talked about my surprise at how my gay angel character, Guy, seemed to win many readers’ hearts. And as the night flowed with much conversation and wine, I had an epiphany.

Getting to know your Reviewers

One thing I’ve noticed after releasing two novels, is the unique connection I find with my reviewers on various book blogs. Sure, we may never have met each other, but like the ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ we all have on social media, I’m starting to understand how they think, and to a lesser extent, what makes them tick. And in some ways it’s a conversation I address as I write my novels.

My Mystery Man

This is my chance to say farewell to a man I never met. He was my poster boy for my novel, Drama Queens with Love Scenes. He’s a model photographed by Ivan Bliznetsof who put a face to my marketing for the last couple of years.

Saints and Sinners Literary Festival

Okay, in social media terms it’s a bit late to post about an event that was held early last month, but as I’ve just made it home from an extended trip this morning, this is the first chance I’ve had to talk about the many fascinating GLBT writers I met as I took part in my first literary festival.

Reviews – The Living Terror!

I remember nervously waiting for my initial book reviews to come out. Once they did, there was no sweat. They were fine. But then… Grady Harp on Amazon posted his review.

The Importance of Being Guy

As reviews began to be published through various blogs and book sites, one reoccurring opinion about Drama Queens with Love Scenes was that everyone had fallen in love with my angel character, Guy. This took me by surprise.

Thoughts I Had When I Was Drunk

The ideas that don’t make it into my writing.

Thoughts I Had When I Was Drunk 2

More ideas that don’t make it into my writing.

Gay Angels

Pondering Angels in light literature.

Other People’s Versions

Everyone creates their own version of a book.

Americanisation or Americanization

What happens when you’re an Australian writer with an American publisher?

Eight Drafts and the one we don’t talk about

A brief history of writing my first novel


Guest Post – Chris Jones

I used to be a huge supporter of social media, and still am to some degree but have recently found my interest waning.

KISS in Context

A few weeks ago we caught KISS. The last time I saw them I was covering up my pimpled face with make up back in the 80’s. My teenage friends and I caught a youthful rock group playing out a comic book fantasy perfect for our age group.

What Cartoon Characters Did You Love?

Face it, it’s something we all have in common. Whether we’re old enough to remember cartoons screened before the main feature at the cinema, or we avoided healthy childhood exercise by sitting in front of the television on Saturday morning. These animated delights defined our childhood!

Is Social Media Losing Its Appeal?

I sometimes suffer from insomnia, waking up around 3.30 to 4.30 am. So if I can’t get back to sleep I check my Twitter account at a time when most Americans are online. But lately when I’m up at those times, no one is really home on Twitter.

Twitter and Me

Talking to people from around the globe can, at times, have it setbacks.

What Video Clip Inspired You?

Okay, maybe ‘inspired you’ is a big ask. But through your life there would have music clips you caught on television that you still remember, like a good movie or book.

Is Social Media a 24/7 Commitment?

Are you addicted?

Weekend Party Music

Tunes to get you on your feet!

The Casual Camp of Will and Sonny

Gay men in popular culture through time.

Feel Good Pop Songs

Top 40 tracks that talk about self confidence.

Musings On The Man of Steel

My thoughts on Superman.

Is Social Media the New You?

Is your social media profile your new identity?

Who Are Your Favourite YouTube Stars?

Making a name for yourself on YouTube.

What is Your Favourite 80s Album?

This morning I dug into my record collection and pulled out Oingo Boingo’s album ‘Dead Man’s Party’.

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