My Mystery Man

This is my chance to say farewell to a man I never met. He was my poster boy for my novel, Drama Queens with Love Scenes. He’s a model photographed by Ivan Bliznetsof who put a face to my marketing for the last couple of years. Yet I don’t know his name.

Cambridge Press US Edition (now out of print)

Lost without a brand.

I found the original of this image on a stock photo website, where he’s a waiter still holding a glass of wine, but sporting a white shirt and black vest while leaning on a restaurant chair. I fell in love instantly. My publisher’s assigned graphic artist agreed. Ms Laurie McAdams turned a beautiful photo into a new work of art.

He’s older now.

In our search to find out this man’s name, we found that he still models for Ivan, and that he’s grown even more handsome with age. But as yet, we still don’t know who he is. And we did ask.


Lost without an angel.

And sadly, now that my contract with Charles River Press has ended, he’s no longer part of my first novel’s branding. And frankly, he was a very sexy brand to have.

Other attempts.

Way back in 2010 I self published. That version of my first novel was only out for three months before I was signed to my now previous Boston based publisher. I roped in a few friends for my cover and saved money by doing it myself.

Self Published book cover. Model - Luke Patzwald
Self Published book cover. Model – Luke Patzwald

But I don’t recommend you do this unless you are a graphic artist. I’ve seen worse covers. But saving money DYI still doesn’t stack up when someone is browsing online.

With the back cover I roped in more friends to play my wayward lovers, even buying some roses just to have the right props.

The characters, Allan and Warwick, modelled by David White and Majhid Heath
The characters, Allan and Warwick, modelled by David White and Majhid Heath

And then there was my book trailer, featuring the handsome Jay Duncan with a pair of wings I hired from a TV station’s costume department. He narrated the original book trailer, which again, wasn’t the finest promotion, but it was fun putting together.

Jay Duncan as Guy in the Book Trailer
Jay Duncan as Guy in the Book Trailer

New beginnings…

Later this year, that first novel will be re-released, and its sequel finally published, both through Wilde City Press. New publisher. New artwork! I’m a fan of the visuals this publisher creates, from their website to their book covers. And I’m looking forward to the new branding my novels will have. New marketing. New audience.

So for now, farewell to my old angel, whatever your name is. I’ll miss you.

The blog above was written just before the second Wilde City Press edition of the novel was to be released. It has since been relaunched through NineStar Press (see image on sidebar).

The mysterious Guy, watching over Allan on the Wilde City edition of the cover

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