The Secret Life of Cutlery

Let’s get surreal for a minute.

Cutlery. We all know it. We all use it. But did you know your cutlery casts a spell? No? Think about the people you’ve had over for a meal.

Think of when your friends opted for take-away Thai and you simply had to try the yellow curry. The morning your friend got up a bit hungover, but couldn’t resist a piece of the left over lemon cheesecake. The pasta with the home made pesto that you shared with a mate who just broke up with that girl you know he should never have dated.

Image courtesy of Istorywriter, via Pixabay
Image courtesy of Istorywriter, via Pixabay

And as we share these meals, we talk.

We consider ideas and concepts. We debate politics and religion. We share wisdom, some of which we know from experience, and some from the tales of others. And our mouths take centre stage for words and food. And in our mouths, cutlery touches the tongue. A tongue that forms the words which we listen to in relaxed company.

What if that cutlery also absorbs our words?

And as that cutlery gets used for different guests, those ideas, those debates and that wisdom passes from friend to friend. It’s the network of expression that starts in your own home, and spreads the more you entertain.

Image by Gic, courtesy of Pixabay
Image by Gic, courtesy of Pixabay

It’s why we’re social creatures. We talk. And we share what one person believes to the next, from the tongue to our knives and forks, our spoons, then onward to the next tongue that cutlery touches. Our implements share that wisdom as they silently sit in the kitchen drawer overnight. Then pass it on to our family, to work colleagues and to lovers the next time that cutlery is let loose to spread the word.

One Reply to “The Secret Life of Cutlery”

  1. Interesting topic; I’m never sure where I stand in the matter, but there’s definitely a whole world of stuff to talk about. I look forward to checking back to the discussions.

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