Adventures in Self Publishing – Part 2

Yes it’s time for an update.

Three things have happened since my last blog on the subject that bring me just a little bit closer to seeing my first self published work see the light of day. I got advice. I’ve been contacting actors. I have my edits back.

Fellow Sydney author Nic Starr met me for lunch to tell me how she balances her Dreamspinner Press work with her indie releases. Many good tips were shared, all dutifully entered into my journal.

Nic is a technical wiz when it comes to writing, and I got the ins and outs of who to go through to format my work, how to publicise, and what I should know about tax if I have to pay any to the US.

Although this information is easy to find on various blogs and forums, it’s refreshing to get this advice over a nice bottle of white and a plate of seafood. Plus we made a vow to attend GRL next year – a gay romance literary festival held in America each year.

Photo courtesy of Start Up Stock Photos

Secondly, I’ve been trying to get the right look…

I like to cast actors for my book trailers. As any author knows, social media is an integral part of your marketing, and even more so if you’re going it alone. And as this is a book about social media, it can’t be ignored.

So far I might have a nibble with casting the main character. He’s in Los Angeles at the moment but hopefully I’ll meet him next week when he returns. The sad thing is, three others I really wanted for the shoot now live in the US. Plus, two more that emailed me back stopped communication when I tried to set up a meeting.

This has happened to me before. It’s kind of like being on a dating site and finding time wasters. You wonder if these people are actually interested in adding more to their portfolio. But unless I’m casting through an agency with big bucks behind me, I guess this is what I have to expect.

Image by Edar, courtesy of Pixelbay

Now for my edits…

It’s my designated writing day today, so I’m about to close off this blog and read my notes. I’ve worked with this editor twice before, but for the first time, I’m footing the bill. I’ve had a glance at his ‘tough love’ notes and am now about to work on the final draft.

I promise to blog about this experience soon. But for now, it’s time to work!


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