The characters who wouldn’t shut up!

I never intended to write a sequel to Nate and the New Yorker but it wasn’t up to me to make that decision. Somehow, Nate and his friends demanded a second outing.

Originally I wrote the first novella because my publisher at the time pointed out that, regardless of the books many of us like to write, it’s romance and erotica that sell. So I wrote my version of a romance story to make more readers know about my work. It worked, except for the die-hard romance genre fans. It didn’t fit the mould. And boy, they let me know it.

On the flip side I’ve also received some great reviews for that story and somehow, shortly after its release, Nate, Cameron, Lucy and Ben were calling from my subconscious. There was more to their story, and they wanted me to continue putting them in the spotlight.

The Nate and Cameron Series are both set in various cities I have visited. One place my partner and I fell in love with was Buenos Aires, so I wanted to capture this exotic and romantic location for the second book. I knew the tango had to be part of the story, and as I did for the first book, canvassed possible titles via a post on Facebook.

A friend came up with Nate’s Last Tango which I loved instantly. This title also helped tie it to the premise of the first book which is about a man who is learning to love second best, while the love of his life is still around. So this new book continues to put the question out there – How will Nate and Cameron make their relationship survive?

The paperback edition featuring both stories.

There’s not too much I want to give away except that Cam’s much loved cross dressing butler, Roger, and his lesbian aunt have more of a role in this book as they help the mismatched lovers. And while the main focus is Argentina, all characters do get to pop down-under and enjoy Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

All of the characters in the Nate and Cameron collection have something to say and I’m thankful to NineStar Press for publishing them.

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