We’re married!

I’m writing this blog at least twelve hours before Warren and I say “I do.”

I am, however, publishing it after the event.

Love is a wondrous thing when you have it. It’s not always an easy road but if you feel it’s worth fighting for, then you know you’re onto something special. For Warren and I it started in our twenties. We met at work on his second day and both of us couldn’t take our eyes off each other, even when I answered a question asked by someone else in the room.

Our earlier years.

Six months later, we became a couple.

During the time in between many knew something more was happening. We had a play fight in front of his boss who turned to us and said “Will you two hurry up and go to bed together and get it over and done with!”

Warren met an actor friend of mine in a play he performed in. Afterwards my friend asked me what was the deal with Warren. I answered he was a friend. He gave me a sly grin and replied “Sure you are.”

At a party held by the radio station we used to present on.

Twenty-eight years later, we’re both waking up a little tired from entertaining friends ’till 1am, but feeling excited and anxious in equal measure.

Warren is my soul mate.

An hour before the ceremony

We clicked from day one. We clicked every other day we’ve been together. And now I can proudly declare that the man I love is my husband.

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