Selling Books at a Smaller Con

It’s Sunday morning when I’m writing this.

We’re at Hubcon, the small pop culture con in the Blue Mountains. This is its inaugural year.

There are only eight of us in Author Alley which means better sales for our books, compared to the larger festivals where there’s more competition.

Of course, I’m asking the best cos-players to hold my books for publicity shots. These opportunities don’t come everyday.

This morning, it’s quieter.

It’s winter and people are sleeping in. In the past I’ve only taken my science fiction novel to cons. This year I’ve added a romance and a magic realism to my stall.

A middle aged lesbian bought my Gay Romance.

This surprised me. Not the usual readership as I expected her to pick the sci-fi as she bought a sci-fi from the table next to me. Still, I feel she’ll enjoy it.

At least two-thirds of the people that will pass are not readers. They’re looking for other events or the toilet. But you can still tell who the readers are.

Doing cons in Australia is not a money making exercise.

I’ve spent on a poster and other promotional stuff. But it’s about gaining new fans. Readers who would otherwise not know me and hopefully look up more of my works.

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