Living without Social Media

Today, Greg Wikstrom offers us an insight into why he ditched his socials. He’s a friend of mine who lives in Zurich, and not long ago he let us all know via Facebook that the online world has become a toxic place. He continued to say that he would be leaving that space.

So, to coincide with my presentation about social media at Genrecon, I present one person’s views on life without it.


Share the events that led you to make this decision:-

Quite simply, social media has become and continues to be a dominant, distracting and often unrealistic force in our lives. From people mindlessly walking in the streets glued to their devices or millennials unashamedly posting narcissistic and inappropriate images:- it just feels like an extended version of high school. Add on the atrocious online bullying factor that is leading to many teenagers ending their lives. I just didn’t want to be a part of this community anymore.

What has been the personal effect on you since you left social media?

More time to enjoy living in the world rather than living on social media. It is very easy to create a persona online that is often such a misrepresentation of what is actually going on. Posts tend to be more of the show off and look at how amazing my life is whereas in reality this might not be the case. It’s all about personal promotion, that’s why it is so successful:- it gives everyone a chance to show themselves off in their best light. I know who I am and I have nothing to prove to anyone, my friends know that and I don’t need validity from hundreds or thousands of acquaintances that are not really a part of my life.

How do you view others who use it?

Each to their own. It’s like asking a vegetarian what they think of meat eaters. There is certainly a disconnect from reality and that’s what I find troubling. That said, I used social media for nigh on twelve years, so I was also part of the machine. When I see people hilariously posing for selfies, it just reminds me how caught up those people are in their own fantasy. And that’s cool. Just don’t ask me to take the picture. And watch where you’re going!

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