Book Review -The Moth and Moon by Glenn Quigley

It’s hard to write a review that encapsulates how charming this book is.

Yes, there’s a love story, but that’s only part of what this tale explores.

The world building is excellent, especially as the entire first chapter sets the scene of a small town from centuries ago about to brave a horrendous storm. All characters are well realised. Most are eccentric. None are forgettable.

Glenn Quigley. A proud author.

But this is Robin’s story.

He’s clumsy and not well liked in this town, even though he has a heart of gold. To say any more would rob you of how magic this tale is.

I read this novel while on holidays, updating my travel buddies on the latest gossip from the townsfolk and from the main character. And what strikes me about the writing is many chapters don’t necessarily end with a cliff hanger. I had an editor who made me leave the reader with a reason to continue reading, so it’s something I’ve endeavoured to do with each book. Yet this tale is so engaging that it’s a delight to keep turning the page.

So, treat yourself to a love triangle, a pub that is the heartbeat of this community and a few wonderful twists and turns. Five stars.

NOTE: The sequel is titled The Lion Lies Waiting. One I will definitely add to my reading list.

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