The Library, Reimagined

I’ve found a place to write.

Those who follow my blog know that since my husband retired, my writing time has shrunk. Until now!

The Marrickville Library has opened which is a short bus ride followed by an even shorter walk away from my home. And there are many cool aspects about this new building. One is it’s quiet spaces.

Inside Marrickville Library. Near this bridge is the quiet room for digital nomads.

It has a room for digital nomads.

It has several in fact, but one in particular is my favourite. Many tables are set up for visitors to sit at their laptops and do whatever it is they need to do. Some of the tables have eight power points in the centre while the others require you to have your computer well charged.

I used to have two full writing days alone at home each week. Now I use the library to get as much work done on my manuscripts as I used to in the past. My husband expects me to dissapear one or two days a week.

Cafe access within the library.

And it has a cafe!

While it has seating outside the cafe for people passing by, it is also available to library patrons to order food, take your meal into the library, and eat. The staff go around from time to time to collect dirty plates and cups while you continue to work.

They do a fab smashed avo with feta on sourdough.

I’m in heaven. I’m actually getting work done on my projects again. And when you no longer have quiet time at home, a modern library is a local treasure.

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