Would you consider a hashtag to promote your most personal novel?

I was thinking about this in a spare moment, of which there are many.

I’ve often written about what real life influences are weaved into my novels, but I haven’t always talked about the storylines that come from more personal experiences. For example, one of my novels has a storyline that reflects feelings I had when I was bullied at work. The two perpetrators are represented by a single character in the book.

Photo courtesy of FeeLoona at Pixabay

Would I consider telling you which book?

Probably not. Maybe. I’m not sure.

But I was wondering if other authors would consider a hashtag they would use with the title of the novel that tells us something uniquely personal about them. Just the hashtag and a title. That’s it.

Or does this instigate unwelcome questions?

My own short eBook, Winter Masquerade, deals with dark material from my own life and writing about it was confronting at times. Would I want to be asked about it? No. Not ready to go there.

But one reviewer realised it was a personal story. She understood the metaphor of wearing a mask and entering the world with a brave face, albiet obscured.

“Scream” by Idea go

I’ve often asked an author which of their books I should read.

Their response is often their most recent. It shows the years they’ve spent perfecting their craft. Is it equally personal? Yes. No. Perhaps?

So, a hashtag that gets personal. One where we learn about the writer.

As writers we like to play with the truth. Having it exposed is a different matter altogether.

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