I’m finally writing again!

My local library is open again.

As I live in an apartment with my husband, the library is where I can escape to write. So while we were in isolation, my sequel to Social Media Central was left untouched. After several months I can proudly announce, my work in progress is back on track.

With recent novels I’ve become a hybrid plotter/panster, but I have a solid outline for this novel and am sticking to it.

Tayler from the Social Media Central trailer, played by Richard Platt

Two characters are underdevoloped.

In the past I’ve either combined the characters or, as I did in Winter Masquerade, develop one and make the other mysterious. The Detective was fleshed out while the Captain’s dialogue was deleted so she could become someone others were in awe of. Her style and grace are talked of a few times before she is introduced to the reader late in the story.

In my current WiP, I’m now at a chapter where my two underdeveloped characters no longer appear in the story. But when I return for the second draft, the older woman will be fleshed out (not sure how yet) and the younger man will seem innocent until we hear his dark secret. It will be fun to develop their ‘on page’ histories to further build the dystopian reality they are trapped in.

It’s been great to write again.

This is one of two works where the first drafts haven’t been completed. Since my husband retired my frantic writing schedule has been pared back. And after strict coronavirus isolation, I don’t mind.

I allow myself more ‘walk around the neighbourhood’ time to counteract the unhealthy isolation an author experiences. I aim for two writing days a week where I walk to the library, write for the day,  then walk home. It’s several suburbs away.

Plus, I’m probably going post blogs fortnightly rather than weekly.

I have many books under my belt to promote.

And it takes me less time to finesse a novel these days. Those first few clocked up well over five drafts. So, I have a healthier author/life balance. Dedicated writing times. Dedicated husband time. Dedicated chill out times. None of which are set in concrete.

I’m lucky. I have that freedom. And although my writing is important, it’s just slipped back to second (or maybe, third) place.

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