Writing vs. Life

A close friend just left after spending six days with us.

He needed a boost and as many of us have rediscovered recently, keeping in touch means keeping sane. We always enjoy his company and the last several days consisted of good food, movies and indepth conversation over vodka or wine.

Image by Pexels, courtesy of Pixabay

In the past I’d see this as a day or two out of my writing schedule, but not anymore. I’m enjoying giving into the randomness of life, the way I had most of my life before there was such a thing as the interweb and social media.

I rarely check my feed on Facebook these days.

I check a few groups and my notifications, then switch to Twitter before returning to my organic world. It’s a place where me and my husband enjoy our days and I make time when I need to write, or as I’m currently doing, to prepare media classes for my students.

Image by Geralt courtesy of Pixelbay

And while I try to get my current work in progress done, taking time out to entertain a friend, enjoy time with the man I love, or generally socialise, has helped me rediscover balance.

My writing is simmering over time.

I have two unfinished first drafts at the moment. This would never have happened in the past as I’d have two or three works in progress at various stages. One, possibly, nearly ready to submit, while the others would be halfway there or at an early stage.

But this is okay. I have a healthy number of published works, so perhaps I’m at a point in life where my output will take longer. There were two weeks not long ago where writing was not an option. I had a cold for one week and I had to look after hubby while he had a serious gout attack. Real life trumped my plans.

Image courtesy of Start Up Stock Photos

I spend a little more time promoting.

This is something I didn’t do as much as I should have in the past. I was more focussed on writing than spreading the word.

One manuscript titled Virtual Insanity is shaping up nicely, and after I complete the first draft, there are two characters I want to develop, reworking it into a second draft straight away.

My other unfinished first draft about a group of friends living in the 1990s has been tucked away for some time. But new ideas for that manuscript have been flowing and I’m looking forward to revamping it.

So, if you don’t know my work, discover it.

There’s more coming, in time.

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