I planned to write. Really, I did.

This is the true story of my holiday break.

No names have been changed. Not even the German Shepherd, whose known as Jetta.

Leading up to Christmas and onward to New Year, I planned to develop the plot to my novel set in the 1990s. My husband was working from home so it was the perfect time to continue researching and blogging about that decade.


But plans change.

Our friend, Clinton, was left with the family pet, so we eased his obligation by staying with him and lending a hand. We taught Jetta new commands and eventually curbed her need to bark a lot. I got to the stage where I didn’t need to go to her and sternly tell her to “settle”. I could call out that command from another room and she’d go silent.

She has a tendency to get excited and jump on people, not realising her claws are sharp. We all have bloody scratch marks on our arms and legs, but again, her need to claw, lessened.

Clinton with his video camera, ready to shoot Jetta during our visit to a dog park.

A week later, she enjoyed the dog park.

Jetta and another dog named T.J., calmly smelt each other in areas most dogs do. Apparently, T.J is not this friendly. Both made new friends that day.

So, this is why my writing lapsed during the silly season. But my husband is back working from home this week so I plan to go to the library regularly and continue plotting.

With the complexities of 2020 behind us, I want this to be the year I play author again. However, it was nice to have a break.

My husband, Warren, with Jetta

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