Book Review – Desperately Seeking Spinach by Petrina Binney

As the cover says, this is a short story.

It is cheap or free depending on your relationship with Amazon. Petrina Binney read the opening of her story during the IQARUS online book conference, and on hearing it, I needed to download it.

This is a tongue in cheek take on celebrity and obsession. The narrator is a huge fan of TV chef, Andrea Pinchbeck. She regularly comments on Andrea’s social media posts and wants to rise above just being another faceless online acquaintance. And she succeeds, in her own mind.

To rise above this pack, she has a plan.

Andrea has just released a new cookbook. It’s full of spinach recipes. And the narrator fantasises:

“All I could think was how incredible it would be to hear her whisper that one word. Spinach.”

How cool would it be to make every recipe in the book in one hit and post all the pictures online. That would surely place her above all Andrea’s other social media fans. Now, if she could only find that much spinach.

What follows is an amusing take on an empty life.

This story says a lot about the need to feel important and how social media fills that gap but doesn’t remedy the situation. But its light hearted approach makes this an endearing tale. Well worth the quick read.

Five stars!

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