Hearing your Audio Book for the first time

I’ve found the cure for Impostor Syndrome.

One of my novellas has been recorded as an audio book. My publisher, NineStar Press, put out the call for narrators to audition, and after several voice-over artists submitted their recordings, we chose British actor, Jon Bolitho-Jones.

Jon Bolitho-Jones

Jon has a Masters in Acting and has tread the boards many times. His robust resume includes over thirty productions (screen and stage). Six Shakespeare plays are among them.

In mid January I had the pleasure of hearing him read my words. His crazy take on the eccentric characters of Winter Masquerade really made me smile. He had taken the time to create individual voices for the many weird folk who inhabit an enchanted ocean liner. And this wouldn’t have been easy as there are many.

It’s a real confidence boost to hear your own words said by another.

Even more when they are recited rather than spoken. Jon’s acting experience shone through as he not only had to create the whimsical world of life aboard the Sea Queen, he also has to explore these characters’ alter egos in scenes where Ferris slips into an alternate darker dimension.

I also had to learn to let go.

In his original audition, Jon’s voice for Janus, a small Pegusus-like character, didn’t sound how I envisioned him. Jon explained that Janus has authority and should have a tone that matches. I felt the voice Jon used was too old before I realised, hey, I’m only the writer. This is a unique opportunity to have another creative rework my story into his vision.

Plus it’s one of the rules of writing. It’s my job to not share all the details so the reader has the freedom to create their own version of the story. If I tell too much, the reader gets bored.

So I let Jon tell my tale his way. The main character has some breakthrough moments, as well as a breakdown, and having a trained actor read those parts was a breakthrough for me as well. I heard those important moments and found they actually work. There is depth. I achieved what I set out to achieve.

Hearing your first Audio Book is an exhilarating experience.

You know you wrote those words but somehow they sound fresh. Someone else is living them for you, breathing new life into your art.

Thank you Jon.


CLICK HERE for the USA link
CLICK HERE for the Australian link
CLICK HERE for the UK link

Visit Jon Bolitho-Jones’ Actor site – HERE
Visit Jon Bolitho-Jones’ Author site – HERE

WATCH narrator Jon Bolitho-Jones share how he found the voices for the unique characters in the video below.

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