The books for my author signing event didn’t show up.

It was the day before GLO (Gay Lit Oz).

We decided not to go to the movies so we’d be home for the delivery of the books I needed for the event. It was Friday and by late afternoon, it was clear something was wrong.

My publisher ordered these for me the week before, and even though the long Easter weekend followed, it usually only takes three days from request to delivery. But this time it didn’t.

I woke at 3am Saturday morning and emailed the head of my publishing house who sent me the Australia Post link. Yes, they should have arrived Friday but for some reason were delayed.

I signed up for GLO the previous year.

There was a private Facebook group for the attending authors which continually had positive posts from us all. And while it turned out to be more MM Romance based than Gay Lit, I was getting excited about meeting certain authors.

During my middle of the night correspondence with my publisher, I also group chatted with American author friends who encouraged me to design my own catalogue to print and give away, or provide bar-codes for people to scan which took them to the buy links of my books.

All good ideas, but I didn’t take them up.

One month before I had a hernia operation and while I had mostly recovered, it seemed to make more sense to rest rather than show up to a six hour event where I couldn’t sell books. During that night I let the organiser know I wouldn’t be there and instead, did the next best thing.

I showed up to meet the other authors that afternoon. One recognised who I was and gave me a big sympathetic hug. I got to tell another how much I loved one of her short stories. And I caught up with two writers I knew well.

Nic Starr

This was the first GLO author signing event and there was still a good number of visitors when I got there. I was told it was busier that morning. I stayed for over two hours taking in what could have been without feeling sorry for myself. What happened was out of my control.

On Monday, the books arrived.

I was having lunch with a friend and my husband sent me a picture of the parcel. I now have new stock with no events lined up in the near future. I have signed up for the next GLO which will be held in Brisbane, but that’s not expected for another two years.

However, I will use one of these books.

A store in Newtown has a small selection of novels from local authors. I’m keen to send them a copy of The Midnight Man to consider as part of their collection. Fingers crossed they’ll stock it.

As for the rest, well at least they’re here. Let’s hope there’s another author event soon I can use them for.

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