Are you a Phubber?

Are you that strange beast who prefers your cyber life to your real one? Are you out with friends, but 'checking them in' on Facebook? Are you at a party that you're discussing with a follower on twitter? Then my friend, you are phone-snubbing (or phubbing). It's a new Australian term you'll hear more about. …

Film Review – Sharknado (2013): Why you should see this movie!

A friend emailed a link to the trailer. We’ve decided it’s a bad night in we’re all looking forward to.

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)


Title – Sharknado (2013)

Director – Anthony C. Ferrante (Headless Horseman)

Cast – Ian Ziering, Jaason Simmons, Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo

Plot – Sharks literally find their way into a tornado, a tornado that terrorises the citizens of Los Angeles. Sharknado focus’s the spic fight for survival on our rag tag bunch of hero’s including bar owner and ex surfer Fin (Ziering), his employee and possible love interest Nova (Scerbo), Fin’s best buddy from Australia Baz (Simmons) and Fin’s Botox injected ex-wife April (Reid).

“We’re gonna need a bigger chopper”

Review by Eddie on 18/07/2013

Sharknado – if this title makes you vomit in your own mouth you should stay away from this made for TV movie like it’s the return of the black plague, if however that title offers up a sense of giddiness and a can you be serious thinking you need to watch Sharknado like right now!…

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Will We Speak Up or Be Silent? (#2)

This is a subject close to me as in recent days l saw a deplorable example of bullying and seemed to be the only one concerned about it.

The New B.P

silent killerTerry  Kinden To continue our quest to answer the blogger’s question and concern, “Will We Speak Up or Be Silent”? highlighted below, our first point of view we heard from a Christian “Jesus Needs New PR” , our second point of view comes from a political stand point, lets look at their answer(s) or opinion, another from society’s prospective. So lets continue to try and answer your question with number 2 of 5, from “The Political Informer”, “the blogger wrote”: “With so many cases of bullying going on, I wonder if I should share my story as well…But I am unsure. Does reading about others who were bullied help to create a sense of care and community…or does it make those being bullied right now feel even worse to see that it has always been going on? I don’t want to make anyone upset, I want to let them know they’re…

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Gay Angels

About ten years ago I read Elizabeth Knox’s original novel, The Vintner’s Luck. In it a failed wine maker and family man, Sorban, meets a male angel who he develops a relationship with, over a considerable period of his life. They talk, they make love, and they talk some more. Of course, other stuff happens …