Weekend Party Music

I’m in a relaxed mood today, so I’m keeping this blog post light. With the weekend nipping at our heels, I thought I’d share a bit of party music.

Start your night with champagne… and make sure you go full screen to watch in high def.

It’s a shame there is no official video to this next one, but it was a major favourite on the dance floors back in the 1990’s. Ah the memories…

A lesson in how to make the roaring 20s sound modern. This is a very new clip, as the original one used footage from silent cinema.

Back last decade, Paul Mac released a fantastic dance album. He won an ARIA (Australian Record Industry Award) and thanked certain dealers of party goods for helping his music get played. Enough said.

Recent, but still lovable…

And last but not least, something that will make you dance at home after your night out, while you’re washing off your make-up.

I know this is not my usual kind of post, but when you can’t think of what to write about, why not share music?

Please comment and tell me about some of your favourite party music.

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