No Marriage Equality, but We’re Still Together

There’s a misdirected leader at the moment here in Australia. Although most citizens agree in marriage equality, our Prime Minister thinks it’s his right to raid the public purse and legally challenge the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) on their recent change to allow same sex couples to marry.

A little perspective here, please. This is public money being used to turn back progress in the ACT. Can you think of anything so un-Christian?

Tony Abbott's Un-Christian Crusade

The Brief: ‘Talk about love’

Originally I was going to blog about my partner and I. It was a test run to what I might write as a speech to share at a friend’s wedding next year. She asked me as Warren and I will mark our twenty-third year together later this month. Michelle and Ben will tie the knot next year, and to be asked to speak about love at her wedding is truly an honour.

Warren and I were friends for six months before the romance started. But in that time many commented on something I was yet to see – there was love between us. Perhaps falling in love is like being gay? Everyone around you notices before you realise it yourself.

Even Warren’s boss spoke up as we play-fought in front of him, suggesting quite openly that we should hurry up and sleep together to move this soap opera along. We stared back at him, dumbfounded.

Our earlier years
Our earlier years

Even my ex-girlfriend weighed in on the topic

After Warren and I finally did ‘get together’ my ex-girlfriend met him briefly. He couldn’t stay as he had to meet up with someone, but after he left she told me that ‘this relationship has legs’. She had met a few of my Mr-Rights-for-now, but in her feminine wisdom could see my possible future.

Many years on we’ve dreamed together, argued together, cried together and achieved together. And while we’ve seen those around us stay solid or sadly move apart, our mystical magnets draw us in each other’s direction, strengthening our bond as the years pass.

A world without him is unthinkable. He’s part of my family, accepted wholly by my relatives. And he’s my number one fan, and I his, propping each other up over the years when needed.

More from our past
More from our past

But that’s love…

And twenty-three years later we’ve become one of those middle-aged couples who are accepted in the community. In fact, we have for as long as I remember – the fortunes of the times we live in (thanks to the trail blazers before us). And yet still, because of our mean spirited Prime Minister, our love is secondary.

But here, in this home, love is first. We’re old friends who know each other’s quirks and insecurities. We’re lovers who have built each other’s confidence. We’re two people who believe in sharing good fortune with our friends, at parties or in small numbers over dinner.

Just like any other couple.

Not a recent pic (it's about ten years old) but it's one of my favourites
Not a recent pic (it’s about ten years old) but it’s still one of my favourites



Incidentally, my partner published a Facebook post which suggested we were getting married.  The comments came thick and fast. Even two friends asked me if we were tying the knot. I had no idea what they were talking about until I saw the post a day later.


I’ve decided that I’m going to add a song at the end of my posts from now on, as Warren and I share a special love of music. Click here for more details.

Now at the risk of sounding corny, I’ve picked this piece to celebrate all love, and all respect.

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