Out of my league

This blog was written when ‘out of my league’ was starting to be heard in conversations here in Australia. I found it disturbing. I’m glad since it’s subsided.

Seriously? Out of my league. When did this become a thing?

I know this was a very funny movie about a decade ago, but to now include this phrase in our local vernacular is so un-Australian. It commodifies human beings. It’s not dissimilar to people who try to keep up with the Joneses, whoever these confounded Joneses are supposed to be. They’re to blame. They just want to be seen with the right people or own the right assets. No prizes for depth of character.

Photo courtesy of FeeLoona at Pixabay
Photo courtesy of FeeLoona at Pixabay


Back to un-Australian.

We were a nation who prided ourselves on not adhering to social class. Hell, I freaked out a New York taxi driver once when I jumped into the front passenger seat, before I realised it’s not the done thing overseas. But it definitely is what we do downunder. The driver and I are equal. He or she is not my servant.

And when was the all-inclusive rainbow banished from the rainbow areas?

Last year I was in New Orleans enjoying the conversations of my gay comrades at a private party, when I decided to join a younger set. I was curious to know what made these American youth tick.

I was snubbed. Hello! Are you kidding? You’re so shallow you can’t relate to the world around you so you act superior as a defence mechanism. Guys, get a life outside of social media. Gees!

Courtesy of MaThoPa via Pixabay
Courtesy of MaThoPa via Pixabay

Bleeding into Australia.

My Gen Y friends report that this attitude is alive and well in their world. Even in the gay scene where once we all congregated in our non-judgemental ghetto, tentacles of this spreading disease are brainwashing those who could know better.

Courtesy of Pixabay
Courtesy of Pixabay

So let’s kick this attitude in the butt!

‘Out of my league’ and ‘Out of your league’ are the catch-cries of the insecure. It’s said by those with few life experiences beyond their immediate neighbourhood. Let’s encourage these people to expand their minds. Get them to take in the world, and understand the people in it. They need to connect with all kinds of human beings face to face, and not as supporting cast on a social media site.

Without this intervention, we’re going to have a population of very lonely people.

One Reply to “Out of my league”

  1. Really interesting post, Kevin! The phrase “out of his/her/your/my league” is at least a few generations old in America. It doesn’t have to be negative. Sometimes it is used for example to comment on a person dating a person involved in a lifestyle they have never been around. Like say, a country person dates a city person, friends might say, “She’s out of his league..” It isn’t always about social class at all. But you’re right.. urban youth who do like to be cliquish tend to use it to ostracize those to whom they want to feel superior.

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