I Love You

About seven years ago my partner commented on the way my family ended our phone conversations . Of course we say ‘bye’ or ‘see you soon’, but we also say ‘I love you’ before hitting the ‘end call’ button.

Image courtesy of Boompics via Pixelbay
Image courtesy of Boompics via Pixelbay

So it was around this time we decided to say these three magic words to our friends at the end of our calls. Some loved it straight away and had no problem in returning the phrase. Others were definitely taken aback.

One female friend fell silent, then quickly said her goodbyes. But we were persistent. The next time the silence was shorter followed by an um and an ah, then a goodbye. Eventually she said it back, even if it was in an uncomfortable manner. Today she offers it readily before we do, like many of our friends.


So if you don’t already tell your friends that you love them (and I don’t mean only when you’re drunk), try it. See the response. Some will love it, some will take time to say it back. But it’s important to shower those you love with love.

SIDE NOTE: In a job I once had at a radio station, I was talking to a listener at the same time I was typing an email to my partner. Instead of ending my note with ‘I love you’, I actually said it to the unsuspecting retired man on the other end of the phone. After a stunned silence he told me he loved me too. I laughed and quickly explained myself.

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