Lunch with Writers

This is really a post about self-publishing versus traditional publishing, but saying I caught up with my favourite dirty old man and one of the few mm romance authors who lives down-under, well, it just sounds better as a blog title.

Max Vos is one of self-publishing’s successes, writing gay male erotica for an eager audience. At the moment he’s here in Australia from the US, seeing the sights and dealing with our winter. Nic Starr writes both traditionally for Dreamspinner Press as well as putting out her own material independently.

Max Voss, Nic Starr and the one edging out of picture is me.
Max Vos, Nic Starr and the one edging out of picture is me.

When authors meet, sharing advice about writing invariably happens, and the topic of keeping your name out there was discussed over lunch at The Rocks.  Max wrote a blog about why he self-publishes noting that when you publish traditionally, a lot of time passes between signing a contract and finally having the book out there for the reader to enjoy. This is true. I have three works published and two of them took a year from the point of signing.

There are, however, great benefits to having a publisher. You get to work with wonderful editors and talented cover designers. There’s an air of creative professionalism from start to finish. And, if you’re worried about the time it’s taking to get your work out there, then you’ve just found the opportunity to promote your upcoming book and spark your reader’s interest.

Or you can take Nic’s approach and balance your trad books with your selfie stuff. The audience stays on the hook, never disappointed that there isn’t fresh new work out there.

L-R, Nic, Lauren Marks and Max
L-R, Nic, Lauren Marks and Max

Nic’s approach appeals to me as I have been considering self-publishing one of my works-in-progress. Initially I thought about my naughty novella which I’m about to get back to. When I began it, Max himself was very helpful in guiding me on erotic writing, but as I love humour, my tale of tops trying to bottom is just as much a comedy as it is about sex.

Yet there’s dystopian piece that’s not suited to my publisher. I’m doing the rounds finding who might be interested, but already one of the technological advances mentioned in the work has become an everyday thing. I’m worried that the longer I wait, the more society will change, perhaps initiating more changes to the novel.

Hey, this is just me overthinking. I know I will self-publish something in the future just to see what’s involved and find out first-hand what the benefits are.

But these potential opportunities don’t occur if as writers, we don’t share our knowledge. Which is why beginning from next week I have a series of guest blogs where authors share their best three writing tips.

Max Vos will be the first cab off the rank with a wonderful piece he’s written, and I can’t thank him enough for taking the time out from his holiday here in Australia to write it for readers of this blog.


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