Loving Second Best

This blog was originally posted to promote the NineStar Press re-release of this book.

Imagine having the love of your life slip through your fingers.

Now imagine that someone has fallen for you but you’re not sure if you’re ready to love them back. That’s the dilemma that Nathan faces in my novella, Nate and the New Yorker, which is was re-released through NineStar Press.

As many of us who write queer fiction know, we’re often encouraged to produce either erotica or romance to court readers, hoping to gain new fans who will go on to enjoy our more contemporary works. This was the case with this novella, but for me it was important to not stick with the traditional template for romance.

Sure, the blurb sounds like your average romance…

…as it takes one well known cliche of casting a millionaire. This, however, is a story about a spoilt kid (the dreamer) and a man hurting (the realist).

One thing I learnt quickly about playing with a genre is that the die-hard fans don’t forgive. Up until this point I generally received positive reviews for my magic realism novels, but for Nate and the New Yorker I’ve gained my best and worst review. This is a badge I wear with pride.

The original Wilde City cover. This publisher folded recently.

You have to ask, are you reviewing my book or talking about yourself?

I often found that those who weren’t happy would complain about the lack of sex, of which there is none, in this book. One vehemently opposed to a plot twist that she didn’t expect. How dare I stray from the genre! In her review she gives this twist away.

Those that loved it (and there are two camps, no in-betweeners) felt the pain of Nate trying to love second best. They liked his friends who were encouraging, and they saw the complexities of Cameron, a rich brat who didn’t really understand love.

Thanks to NineStar Press for relaunching this book. They are also releasing the sequel, Nate’s Last Tango, later this year. I went through the first round of edits yesterday.

Nate and his friends have also sneaked into a chapter of my current work in progress. Something tells me their not planning to leave my thoughts for a while.

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