Outsourcing ideas from a 10 year old

This post was originally published while I was still working on Winter Masquerade. This ebook novella has since been published. Click HERE to find out more.

My current work in progress is delayed.

I have to complete assessments for a course I attended, so my current novel is still in its planning stages. I have the plot mapped out and am now going back to create character profiles for the new ones that showed up as I plotted.

It’s called Winter Masquerade and will have an absurdist Alice in Wonderland feel to most of the book.

Image courtesy of Annca through Pixabay

Several weeks ago we visited friends out of town.

They have a well read ten year old daughter and she was the perfect consultant for helping me come up with childlike fantasy characters. At that stage I had only created Olive, a musician on board the ship the story is set on.

But it’s surprising how dark a child’s imagination is. I wanted character flaws and she gave me ones I’d never consider.

She also decided I should have a kid in my book so she came up with a chubby boy named Scallywag. As soon as she said the name I thought, “Why not?” This will give the book childlike authenticity.

Image by Karen Nadine, coutesy of Pixabay

The delay has been good for the creative juices.

Over the last week I’ve come up with new plot points which only make me want to start this project sooner. But the more I wait the more this book is coming to life.  Even in real life.

A friend was talking about spiritual beliefs the other day which somehow mirrored the plot of this book. I was intrigued by what he said, picked up my phone and dictated his musings. He has helped me realise some its deeper themes.

So I now wait for the first words to be typed.

I know what they are.  I’ve tweeted them as part of one of the many writer’s hashtags where we talk about our work in progress. Now I just have to be patient, finish my assessments, then create a world unlike any other.

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