I’ve started a new novel…just

For those following at home, you’ll know I’m negotiating work life, social life and writing time.

Well, I’ve finally started Winter Masquerade. At time of writing this blog I’ve completed several paragraphs of the first chapter. I know it’s not much, but it’s something.

I already have the chapter by chapter breakdown and have several pages of character profiles. And due to an unusual mood I was in last week, the first paragraph is rather obscure. But I like it.


This novel takes place on a ship sailing on a chocolate sea with a neon rainbow sheet of light hanging in the sky. Ferris wakes in his cabin with no idea how he got here. His first contact is with the boat’s band, a trio rehearsing for the Winter Masquerade.

Ferris is surprised to learn that there is no destination on this journey as the others remember no other life than being on board.

And so this magical tale begins.

There will be a wizard, a talking horse and a house of mystical monks. But that’s all I’m sharing for the moment. I’m going back to my love of fantasy in a setting with infinite possibilities.

It will be some time before this book reaches an audience as I have a minimum of three drafts before submission, and a minimum of three months in between drafts while I work on something else.

But I have a novella which has been signed to my publisher coming out at the end of the year and another advanced project in the works. It’s my style. At least two novels are being worked on at any one time.

It’s my way of making sure I have time out to daydream.

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