Wedding Jitters!

I’m blogging about something other than writing this week.

You see, I’m marrying my partner of twenty-eight years later this year. Everyone’s excited including my small number of workmates, one of whom had her wedding earlier this year. A little while ago she asked if we the jitters. I answered, “yes!”

These aren’t jitters about our choice to get married. We couldn’t imagine not being married now that we legally can. But one morning my partner and I vehemently argued over a trivial aspect of our wedding. Later that day we realised we had Wedding Jitters.

Event - Warren & Kevin Anniversary

I’ve had weird irrational fears.

I panicked thinking no one would show up to our wedding. A friend stared at me after rolling his eyes and said “Seriously? You really think no one’s coming?” But this is the thing about jitters. They are irrational!

This concern was sparked by the failure of the postal service delivering twenty percent of our invitations . We went to the trouble of getting the invites designed and printed on linen paper. And at two dollars postage for each one, you’d think a postal worker could pop them in a mailbox. Several were returned to sender while the others had to be hand delivered by us.

I can report there’s a healthy number of r.s.v.p’s, and from past experience, we know friends and family come to our dos. The image above and the video below is from our twenty-fifth anniversary party several years ago. As you can see, my concern about numbers is unfounded.

We organised the venue ages ago.

As our anniversary is late in the year we wanted the wedding to be around the same time. So we relaxed. Life went on. Until the jitters started and we knew we had to finish organising. To our credit, we already knew well in advance where our cake, our wedding rings and our outfits would come from.

I can now report that all there is left is to meet the Event Coordinator and take our clothes to a tailor. The jitters are gone.

But this is a warning for those who are getting married.

The fact that we’ve been together for most of our lives didn’t stop our nerves taking control over silly things. Just go out there and get everything sorted. Then step out on your balcony and shout to the world “Jitters, be gone!”



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