Christmas Memories – Guest Blog from A.D. Lawless

This week’s guest blogger is also sharing Christmas memories as author Kay Doherty did last month. A.D. Lawless has a new holiday themed ebook out titled Mine for Christmas.

In her blog, she shares the joy of picking a tree as part of what influenced her new story.


In my house Christmas has always been a big deal. My mom loved the entire holiday season when my sisters and I were growing up. Every year in the second weekend of December my parents took us to a U-Pick tree lot to find the perfect tree. We drove our dad crazy with our pickiness, but we were adamant it needed to be tall enough, full enough, not too crooked—plus whatever other random criteria we came up with. Once we finally chose one our dad would cut it down, and we’d all decorate it together that night.

I can tell you exactly what music was playing every single year because my mom still adores them: The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album. To this day “Merry Christmas Baby” and the scent of pine trees sends me right back to the warm comfort of a snowy winter vacation spent with my family.

With Mine For Christmas I drew on some of my favourite holiday moments for inspiration. Cody’s family has a tradition for the newest couple—they have to go pick out and decorate a tree together for the guest house. Matt’s excitement about getting to chop down their own tree reminds Cody that it’s actually a pretty fun thing to do, even if they aren’t really together.

Ultimately to me, Christmas is about getting together with people you love and spending quality time with one another. That’s what I love most about it. That’s what I look forward to every year.

Matt Westin was shocked when he ran into Cody, his grade-school best friend—pleased, but shocked. Devastatingly handsome was an understatement when it came to Cody, with his hazel eyes, wide smiles, and broad shoulders.

It was less shocking, months later, when Matt found out just how far he’d go for Cody. A desperate request for Matt to play his boyfriend over Christmas and save him from his mom’s meddling blind-date plans completely hammered that fact home.

Matt couldn’t resist saying yes, not when it meant getting closer to Cody. The only question was how would he ever be able to let him go when it was over?

Pick up a copy HERE

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