Writing Life vs. Real Life

Since mid last year there has been a change to my life.

My husband is at home full time, and this is nice.  Our days off together include lying in bed with no hurry to get up. Of making coffee from the espresso machine and enjoying organic muesli in the morning. Of planning renovations together or simply doing things.

This is the preview of what daily life will be like when I retire, and I’m loving it.

Photo on VisualHunt

He has been respectful when it comes to my writing.

I’ve learnt to write with someone else in the room and he keeps quiet (with headphones over his ears) as he checks social media. Then he’ll venture to the television with headphones in his hands, leaving me at my writing desk (a.k.a. the dining table).

Today, a guy showed up to measure the spare bedroom for our new wardrobe. On other days my husband and I have looked at ways to finally finish our home renovations. And we’ve been researching accommodation for a holiday we’ll be taking later this year.

A printed version of my manuscript, The Midnight Man. I was editing this draft at a cafe.

So, how’s my writing going?

My output hasn’t been as large as it has been in previous years and I’m okay with that. In the past I had two dedicated writing days a week. Now I have the equivalent of one, if no one is still crashing here from the weekend.

I have two works in progress and am planning a third. One of my works has been in progress since 2017. The new work will take a long time to write as I come to terms with what is now my life.

Photo credit: Alba Soler Photography on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

But I have a healthy catalogue already.

Life’s telling me to slow down. I have more time to be active on those Twitter writing hashtags and spark conversations with other authors. This will be to my advantage. In the past I hated wasting time on socials because it cut into my writing time. Now, I’m welcoming it.

And after this year I’m planning to visit some queer writing festivals overseas and take part in some at home.

But the best part is spending more time with my husband. It’s a perfect balance between appeasing those characters in my head, and having a life.

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