Starting a new novel

I’m at the ideas stage.

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog about the research I’ll do for this. You can find it here, but basically it’s a story set in the 1990’s and centres around a group of friends.

My husband and I have been casting people we know as characters and one of our friends, who we didn’t even know in that decade, has demanded he be in it.

Photo credit: brownpau on / CC BY

I’ve already asked the #writingcommunity on Twitter for their memories of the nineties.

And I’ve been keeping a list of things we did and trends we followed in that period. I’m ready to rediscover large belt buckles and ripped jeans, and to recall the themed parties and raves we attended. Plus, there are many photos and home videos to go through.

Next, I have to make character profiles. Some will be hybrids of people we know. Actually, all will be. There are twists and turns in their lives and the fun of pondering ‘what if?’.

But for the first time the main relationship will be a straight one.

It’s a thought I had while driving. It feels right. While most of the characters are gay and two will explore love in their own side stories, the book will start with the break up of a straight couple.

Mardi Gras poster 1996

This is going to be a complex plotting exercise. The break up will be explored in the backstory which includes all characters, weaving a tale of their friendships and the effect their actions have on each others’ lives.

Yes, it’s been told before.

But every story has, just with a different twist. And while the character profiles will be the easy part, this plot will take time to develop.

The seed for this novel has been planted. Now it’s time to start.

Please share your memories of that decade. Themed parties you went to. Bands and Plays/Musicals you saw. Fashion you wore. Things that made you smile.

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