You’re invited to the Winter Masquerade

The enchantment has begun.

You’re invited to the masquerade ball where you’ll discover yourself, and possibly, get to know someone else. That’s what Ferris does in my eBook novella, Winter Masquerade.

This fantasy ball is held on the Sea Queen, a cruise liner that isn’t heading anywhere. It just sails to nowhere with its eccentric cast. But the masquerade balls are a highlight for its passengers and crew.

Television was partly an influence for this novella.

There’s an episode of The Twilight Zone where a man finds himself on a ship during the Second World War which ends up being bombed. Sadly, after its destruction, he finds himself back in time on the boat again before its destruction, remembering its fate. So, he’s trapped living the same death over and over on a ghost ship.

Ferris’s dilemma isn’t as severe, but he is in serious danger from time to time.

He also has to go through some serious self-reflection.

For this aspect of the story I was influenced by another TV show, Fantasy Island. This 70s classic included horror aspects in which its characters (played by guest stars) would have to face their biggest fear in order to discover themselves. In my novella, Ferris finds his reality goes steampunk now and again, where a murderous musician comes after him until he works out what lesson he needs to face in his life back home.

Then there’s the arthouse cinema influence. Orphée, the 1950s French film directed by Jean Cocteau and based on the classic Greek myth of Orpheus, gave me the idea of mirrors as the bridge between the real world and the surreal setting of the Sea Queen.

It also gave me the idea of a fantasy court case where Ferris truly has to face his demons, otherwise he’ll never return home.

But enough spoilers.

It’s nice to have another story to add to my collection of publications. Your invitation is waiting.

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