Why we love the TV show ‘Work In Progress’.

Me and my husband had to watch this after it was reviewed on Foxtel’s review show, Screen.

Self proclaimed butch dyke, Abby McEnany, is the creator, executive producer and star of this endearing series. Oh, and she’s a comedian.

Photo credit: Showtime

Her character, also named Abby, suffers from depression, but trust me, this is not a series that brings you down. In the first episode her therapist dies during her consultation, resulting in her friends making fun of her boring her therapist to death in good humour.

What appeals to me is the Gen Y meets Millennial queer culture aspect.

I’m a self proclaimed Gen X who identifies with the flashback sequences of Abby’s past relationship. The clubs and bars resonate from my more social days. And through these scenes we relive Abby’s past relationship with her.

(L-R) Parker Guidry as Walden, Abby McEnany as Abby and Theo Germaine as Chris in WORK IN PROGRESS “162”. Photo Credit: Adrian S. Burrows/SHOWTIME.

This is contrasted by her current relationship with trans man, Chris, played beautifully by non-binery actor, Theo Germaine. He’s the millennial aspect where we see modern queer society.

What results is tender, funny and heart wrenching.

This is a quality production. All characters are well realised, as is the story. The performances are natural. And as the full tale unfolds, both past and present, you have to hand it to Abby McEnany. She’s created a series with heart, and a depth seldom seen on television.

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