Eurovision 2022

Yes, I’m Australian, so of course I love Eurovision.

I was in New Orleans early last decade where a local had to tell me about this song contest they just discovered and how as a gay man, I’d really be into it. I finally worked out he was talking about Eurovision. He had no idea it had been on TV here long before it got camp.

Now, I don’t normally blog about anything but writing, but the standard of this year’s entries is worth sharing. So, in no particular order, these are my favourites.

Sam Ryder – SPACE MAN – United Kingdom
England rarely sends a strong contender, but this year they’ve impressed.

Ochman – River – Poland
At first I felt this was average, but Ochman’s vocals and the song finally won me over.

LPS – Disko – Slovenia
I’m looking forward to seeing them perform live. A funky 70s vibe entry.

Brooke – That’s Rich – Ireland
Ireland is another country that’s hit or miss. This year it’s a hit!

Systur – Með Hækkandi Sól – Iceland
My husband doesn’t like this one as much as I do. A beautiful haunting tune well performed.

Achille Lauro – Stripper – San Marino
This is actually my favourite. It’s nice seeing Gen Z influenced by the music I listened to in my teens.

Citi Zēni – Eat Your Salad – Latvia
Funky. Kitch. Addictive.

We Are Domi – Lights Off – Czech Republic
One of the few dance floor tunes.

Circus Mircus – Lock Me In – Georgia
Okay. This one is weird. But it grew on me the longer I played it.

Alvan & Ahez – Fulenn – France
Not what you expect from France, but it’s a unique dance floor tune.

Michael Ben David – I.M – Israel
During Israel’s version of X Factor, he performed a couple of gay classics. It’s clear why in this clip.

Sheldon Riley – Not The Same – Australia
I loved this the first time I heard it. I just hope the staging is better for the competition and that Sheldon ditches the mask. He is charismatic and really should capitalise on his charm by showing his face all the way through.

Emma Muscat – I Am What I Am – Malta
I’m not a fan of power ballads, but some impress.

Mahmood & BLANCO – Brividi – Italy
Same comment as above for Malta.

WRS – Llámame – Romania
Catchy dance floor hit.

Subwoolfer – Give That Wolf A Banana – Norway
One of the few entries that harps back to the years where camp absurdity was an asset in this competition. And that’s not so long ago.

Jérémie Makiese – Miss You – Belgium
Belgium often impresses in this competition. This is why.

Monika Liu – Sentimentai – Lithuania
Sultry. If you’re listening through headphones you’ll notice the sound on this one is very compressed. It’s still a good song. Looking forward to hearing it with some acceptable high fidelity eventually.

Nadir Rustamli – Fade To Black – Azerbaijan
Another good power ballad.

Please share your thoughts with me. I’d love a conversation about this year’s entries, or your faves from the past.

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