Gay Angels

About ten years ago I read Elizabeth Knox’s original novel, The Vintner’s Luck. In it a failed wine maker and family man, Sorban, meets a male angel who he develops a relationship with, over a considerable period of his life. They talk, they make love, and they talk some more. Of course, other stuff happens in this book, but for me, it was my first example of an erotic angel.


“Angel Man Sitting” by Farconville

When I wrote my winged citizen of the Afterlife, Guy, I based him loosely on someone we used to know. This person wasn’t sensual in nature, and was often troubled by the most rudimentary things. At one stage in the novel, one of my characters questions whether angels are ‘not supposed to give into sensual pleasures like jazz’. When I read this line at a writer’s group, one of my colleagues corrected me, thus educating me on a small fact I wasn’t aware of. Angels are sensual by nature.

In Carol Lynne’s novel, Hell Hath No Fury, the hero is a fallen angel who has been given the job of mayor in The City (or as we know it, Hell). A good looking bodyguard is sent to him from Heaven to help him with his task. Our angel tries every trick in the book to sleep with his attractive guest, who is playing hard to get.

Even author, Serena Yates, turns up the heat in her guardian angel novel, Araton’s Destiny. There’s a former pro-football player that has to be saved by a bad-assed winged being. The plot itself already has you reaching for a box of tissues. So why did I go straight for a slightly goody-two-shoes cherub in my novel?

Perhaps I’m not the only one to think this way. A short story by K-Lee Klein has a loving angel who says no to sex. In Love and Patience, Anael (love the name) meets up with Del one week a year for a non-erotic relationship. This love continues over time, but Anael is worried about the complications of becoming a ‘sexual being’.

But if they did ‘do it’, would Del know what to do with his wings? Would they get in the way, or have angels already worked out what positions work and which don’t? Perhaps this was what Anael was scared of? His lack of experience might have meant Del would have ended up with a mouth full of feathers, literally.

Regardless of the complications, there’s something spiritual about the thought of having sex with an angel. It may be the most dirty we’ll ever be, while our soul is being cleansed. Sin and salvation in one hit! And it seems more likely than ever having a fling with a vampire, or carnal lust with a brooding werewolf. Somehow angels come from bible stories, and even non-believers have a soft spot for holy texts, just in case.

The latest edition of ‘Drama Queens with Love Scenes’

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