Between Christmas and New Year

Fellow LGBT themed author, Nic Starr, did a series of guest interviews with other Australian writers on celebrating Christmas down under. In these interviews she asked us what public holiday we liked best. I answered that time between Christmas and New Year.


Everyone has finished the mad rush up to Christmas. Now, there’s time to breathe. There’s time for catch ups and drinks, or just time to rediscover your favourite movie – the one you haven’t played in a while. And if you’re as lucky as me, it’s Summer. It’s time to get out of the house and be involved in your own life.

Image by Oleander

And your mind isn’t on work.

If you’re taking time off then the next thing on your mind is New Year’s Eve. Another reason to celebrate. A time to reflect, but before that night arrives, your time is seriously yours! There’s plenty of time later to think about your commitments and challenges. For now, there are exhibitions to see, theatre and concerts to experience, and friends that need you to organise that pub lunch, picnic or party.

Don’t waste this time.

Regroup. Revitalise. Rediscover. Be reborn before the new year comes. Make time for yourself. And above all, don’t get caught up in front of the computer, because that time will never come back. Get up and experience the world outside your window!

Image by Oleander


By the way, if you’re interested in reading Nic’s interview with me, click HERE.

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