Our first radio interview

Rebecca Langham and I were interviewed by Rhianna Patrick for ABC radio.

This is the first of two major author opportunities for me this year, and although I have played radio presenter many times, being an interviewee was a little more daunting. I suggested a chat about queer literature to Rhianna over a year ago. Within her busy schedule a spot came up.

When I was contacted earlier in the week, I was asked if there was anyone I knew who could join me on air. Straight away I suggested Rebecca Langham.


Rebecca and I were in Sydney, talking to Rhianna who is based in Brisbane.

Rebecca is with the same American publisher as I am and in recent years I’ve appreciated having someone local to organise promotional events with. We’ve sold books at Supanova and Hubcon together, and we keep each other informed on news of nearby author events. Rebecca also runs the Twitter hashtag #auswrites, which has helped me find other Australian authors to connect with.

I made sure I had a quiet weekend leading up to the Sunday night interview.

A friend offered a big social weekend for me and my husband, which if I accepted, would have made me brain dead for my radio debut. I kindly declined and partied after the interview instead.

Earlier in the week I made dot points for myself based on the questions Rhianna had sent. Rebecca, however, winged it. From the beginning she was confident and carried herself well as an interviewee. A star was born.


I haven’t had a chance to write much this year.

Instead, I’ve had a few shorter stories accepted into anthologies and my publisher offered me a contract for a novella I wrote. The rest of this year has been spent finding new ways to promote myself, and thankfully, my efforts seem to be paying off.

And I already have my New Year’s Resolution worked out. A continuation of the good luck I’ve had this year.

You can listen to our interview below.

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