Leaving my laptop behind

I’m about to leave on an extended break.

As a writer I had already decided my laptop, Huey (yes, he has a name), was coming with me. My husband was also considering bringing his.

We both have matching laptops, just in different colours. We weren’t trying to be a sickly sweet couple when we bought them, it’s just that I picked his for him. I went shopping because he needed a new one, and when I saw the same laptop as mine (and mine runs really well) with a better graphics card (as he loves YouTube), I knew I had to buy it.

Photographer: Suzy Hazelwood. Courtesy of StockSnap

On short trips we’ve taken our laptops.

I was able to update a short manuscript for my publisher when I couldn’t sleep, while we were away for a wedding. I have worked on my current WiP while staying at my brother’s when we had family issues to contend with.

But last week, my husband and I both agreed, no laptops! I had planned to work on my current WiP if I had trouble sleeping, or when I found a spare moment. But that’s not what a holiday is for.

Image by Lysons-editions, courtesy of Pixabay

A holiday is when your social media slows down.

I won’t be trying to keep up with #TheMerryWriter, #Smorewords, #SatSplat or #AusWrites on Twitter like I usually do. Even though I’ll be closer to the right timezone for when the updates for most of these hashtags are published.

I won’t be trying to update the adventures of Mae, Xander or Ken in my current manuscript, leaving all my story notes behind until I return. And this blog will stay dormant until mid-October.

My Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will be filled with holiday snaps instead.

It’s my time to be a human being rather than a human doing. If I don’t, I’ll miss the whole purpose of our vacation.

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