The first notes from my editor

Please note that I’m back home in Australia now, but this blog was written while overseas.

I just got my first notes for my new ebook, Winter Masquerade.

I’m working with a new editor so I wasn’t sure what she might say. My usual problem is passive voice. So, the first thing I was asked to change was the use of ‘I felt’ and ‘I saw’ throughout the manuscript.

As I was travelling when I got these notes, my husband insisted I take a morning in our Buenos Aires hotel to work on the edits. I’m glad he did. He knows I would have been thinking about the rewrites for the rest of the trip, which is why he insisted. He went shopping that morning.

Dancing in the street. Buenos Aires

I wasn’t going to bring my laptop on this trip.

I even wrote a blog saying I wouldn’t. At the last minute we both decided to pack our computers for convenience. Plus, Huey (the name my husband gave my laptop) has the Netflix app. It’s come in handy on this holiday.

I have avoided doing any writing on this trip as, well, when you pay to gallivant around the world, that’s what you do. I was relieved, however, Huey was with us so these initial rewrites weren’t going to be something to deal with when I returned.

One of the many murals in Santiago.

I haven’t read the edited work from start to finish yet.

I’ll do that after the proofread. I found a continuity problem in one scene which my editor missed, but there’s more sightseeing to do and a new city to discover after this stop. Full author mode is imminent but not yet.

When I return to Sydney, I have a ninety minute talk to work on for Genrecon in November. Then I can go back to my works in progress. Plus there’s all that pesky social media stuff I have to do that keeps me from my writing.

But for now I have comfort in knowing I have a new ebook coming out on January 21 (or January 20 if you’re in the US).  I’m proud of Winter Masquerade as I am with all my works. An eccentric fantasy for those who are tuned into my sense of humour.

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